Avon Tyres Series Elite

Series Elite is taking over Rockingham Motor Speedway in September for an exclusive three day race-licence training and upgrade programme. An exclusive racing event for only twelve people which will transform you from car driver to race driver, ready to take on the 2019 season. This is an action packed three days of driving and competition that will get you fully race ready to compete Rockingham Motor Speedway is a unique International venue based in the heart of the country, near Corby, Northamptonshire. It is a fantastic venue which was originally designed for Indycar oval racing but has more recently hosted British GT, Formula 3 and the British Touring Car Championship.

Series Elite race licence upgrade event, Rockingham

What’s Included in the exclusive three day race-licence training and upgrade programme

This inclusive three-day training package is the most comprehensive offered in the UK motorsport environment, a fast-track way to gain a National A race licence. To do this you will have to race against your fellow
attendees, giving you the chance to test your skill levels and see how you improve as you progress through the 3 days. Nowhere else offers you this kind of challenge in an exclusive environment.


Series Elite uniquely guides you through both stages

PART 1 – Gain National ‘B’ licence

Race licence pack
Written paper
On track time including technique, style,
speed and consistency– circa 2hrs

PART 2 – Gain National ‘A’ licence

Additional track tuition
One qualifying session – 20 minutes
Five races – total track time of 1h 40 minutes


1 to 1 driver coaching focusing on technique with the aim to maximise each individual performance
It’s you versus the competition
British Automobile racing club officiated
Motor Sports Association approved event
Grids determined from qualifying and race finish positions


• Welcome
• Safety equipment fitting – race suits,
helmets, hans devices
• Race licence courses and track time
• Championship overview
• Race qualifying
• Race 1

• Free practice
• Race 2 and 3
• Jaguar F type GT4 rides
• Health and psychology
• Jaguars technical team introduce
you to your new race car

• Free practice
• Race 4 and 5
• Official overview and debrief

For further information about the event please download the full Series Elite – Rockingham PDF